Start with people, and end with people. Innovate through collaboration. Observe, respond, and prompt a dialogue. Listen as much as you speak. Give a damn. Create more than you consume. Aspire to inspire.

So here’s the thing… the world isn’t such a big place anymore. As a creative especially, the ability to live and work anywhere is becoming more of a norm. Working abroad gives a unique perspective to a challenge. It brings diversity into any given design solution, it builds out an empathetic approach, and it speaks a universal language regardless of origin.
Ever heard the saying ‘two heads are better than one’? Well, we believe that two countries are better than one (abstractly speaking of course). The whole world is even better than that.
We take this mantra, to then collaborate with talent from our global network to give you a well rounded and unique outcome. Think of it as the lovechild of a talent agency and a design studio; based everywhere and nowhere all at the same time (for now, headquartered in the Netherlands). The structure is fluid in order to be adaptable to whatever the specifics of your project is.

Welcome to Dittmar. Come say hello sometime.