The Ocean Cleanup Interceptor

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The Interceptor is The Ocean Cleanup’s answer for river plastic waste. It is the first scalable solution to prevent plastic from entering the world's oceans from rivers; 100% solar-powered, extracts plastic autonomously, and is capable of operating in the majority of the world's most polluting rivers.

This system was unveiled at a launch event in the port of Rotterdam, with a goal to create awareness and rally support behind the company’s goal of ‘dirty rivers in, clean rivers out’. The Interceptor is sleek, data driven, and a highly complex and technical machine. As the system had not been seen prior to the event, we aimed to give guests a conveyed feeling in the space parallel to that of the machine. Taking the technical drawings and form language of the Interceptor itself, we developed a fluid event identity system and rollout based on function, movement and transition.

Partner / Dutch-Matters

Rotterdam, October 26, 2019 –
Rotterdam, October 26, 2019 – The Ocean Cleanup unveils the Interceptor, the first scalable river cleanup technology.
Rotterdam, October 26, 2019 –
Rotterdam, October 26, 2019 –

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